Our Mission

The Cook family and Cook Funeral Home is in the business of helping families care for their loved ones. As a business we have been part of the West Michigan community since 1957 and we care deeply about the people here that we call our friends and our neighbors.

Over the past several years, we have noticed a nationwide crisis around the impact and dangers of texting and driving and it has been difficult to watch our own West Michigan community feel the effects of this crisis on our families and specifically our local high schoolers.

As a funeral home, we feel like we have a unique voice in our community to bring this crisis more into the light and expose the community to the very real and very tragic effects of this crisis. It is our goal to create more awareness in our West Michigan community about just how dangerous texting and driving is. We hope that awareness helps change our communities texting and driving habits and that we can literally help save lives.

Thank you for joining us in the #idrivetextfree movement and please take the pledge with your family.